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Monday, January 13, 2014

Census mix up 1920 San Antonio, TX

And a note for my recent posting...Leroy Francis Webb.  I checked some of my grandfather Bud's brothers and sisters, and was reminded of how mistakes are made by transcribers of census reports.  The 1920 census for San Antonio has 2 pages out of order.  They had been named as 2A and 2B...and no one looked to see how that changed families who were carried from the bottom of one sheet to the top of the next.

This has resulted in my grand-uncle L.F. Webb, Jr. having become a step-son of one of his neighbors' families according to that census, and this mistake was repeated by Ancestry, and many people who have him in their family tree have just assumed this was fact.  But if they would look at the original document, they'd see the street address (130 Lewis) is the same for the Webb family on sheet 2A and sheet 3A, where the other neighbors were in the next block, on Sheet 2B.

And with my memory not always as sharp as a tack, I have great respect for people who were trying to keep things straight when someone else made an error, so I actually discovered this several years ago, and since it still exists as a mistake on the records, I re-discovered it yesterday.  I know I had found the error several years ago when I again wrote a comment on the entry, and found my own comment of much the same statement of error from then.  I left the record with the original comment, but admit it doesn't show up for anyone doing research until they happen upon it.  So now I'm keeping both the correct census reports on my computer (thank heavens you can actually do that from the US Archives.)

There's the Webb family at the bottom of this sheet, living at 130 Lewis, just the Head and his wife. (below)

 And then 2 sheets over, at the top, the rest of the Webb family, namely L.F. Jr, and his sister Clara Webb Bruce, and her husband, who is listed correctly as son-in-law in the Webb household, again at 130 Lewis St. (below)

Here's the sheet that was interspersed between 2A and 3A, with a Karcher household at the bottom, living on Lewis at 210.

Incidentally I also noticed that I was passing on somewhat incorrect information about the Webb family, when I mentioned that Annie had 7 children and lost one.  However that count was done before L.F. Jr was born, so she actually ended up having 8 children.  And as seen on L.F.'s death certificate, his actual name was L.F. Jr, rather than Larry Frances Webb, Jr.

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