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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


A monotype from my printing class in art school back in 82 or so.  I've never had it framed, so it's matted and under clear mylar.  Big reflections.  Maybe I'll get it framed someday, because I really like it.  After all, it's survived 31 years...most of which hanging on a wall.

I've been very tired and have been dealing with the cough from hell.  So I'm cutting back on some activities.  Unfortunately they are ones that I've offered to help other people by doing.  I hate to say no to people.

Boundary setting, as my dear minister says.

So I'm regrouping to do things that are less demanding, and give myself more "time off."

What, a retired person needs time off?  Ha.  The time is just chunk full of things that eat up my life.

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