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Monday, October 21, 2013

Good bye to pots I've loved

The turquoise pitcher.  I will be sad to see this go, but so far it's still in my home for me to enjoy looking at.
I sold the last of my pumpkin jars and jack-o-lanterns last weekend, except for the ones I gave away.  So glad they have gone to new homes.

I am reposting this pitcher to talk about heavy pottery.  There is a point in making pots that a potter is interested in making very thin walls on them.  I also believe there is a reason to have heavy pots.  The heat or coolness is held by the walls of the pot.  They will almost never break because they are so sturdy.  They also will outlast me probably.  Oh dear, I'm not sure I wanted to think about that.

All of these have gone to new homes...

And so have their little brothers.

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