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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ada Mary Rogers Oct 9, 1917

Ada Mary Rogers born Oct 9, 1917

This is another of the children who died young, and my grandmother, their mother.  Ada Mary didn't make it to her second birthday.  She died Sept 23, and would have been 2 on Oct. 9, 1919.

Elmore only lived to be 10 and a half.

My father, George Elmore, had been the baby of the family until Ada Mary was born.  He was born in 1914, with 3 older brothers, Alexander and Chauncey and Elmore. (Elmore lived to Oct. 23, 1916.)

Here is baby Ada Mary, with her grandmother (Zulieka Swasey) called Dear Nan by the family.  She was mother of Ada Swasey Rogers, my grandmother.

I don't know much about Ada Mary, but there was some mention that she drowned.
However I believe somewhere I read that Elmore had drowned.  Now I wonder.  And since she died in Houston, rather than Galveston where the Rogers family lived, there may be some question as to why she was there.

My first thought was that if she was sick, she was brought to see her grandmother, Zulieka Swasey who was also a Christian Science Practitioner (as was her mother Ada Swasey Rogers).

Then I realized both those children died in the fall, (different years) and Galveston sometimes suffers from hurricanes at that time of year.  Could there have been storms they were dealing with as well?

I wonder if there's a record of storms in 1916 and 1919.  I won't be chasing that information today.  I do want to honor the spirit of a child who died, and how that must have had a momentous impact upon my father and his family, especially since it was just 3 years after Elmore died.

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