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Saturday, September 14, 2013

technology vacation and nuts

First I have to share the sound...which you will be invited to imagine.

Big pop.  A kind of wood hitting wood sound, not a gun fire sound, but that abrupt.  And it was right over there, where nothing can be seen.  Just space, ground, trees above, blue sky, nothing.  Then a short slightly lesser sound over there, the other direction.

Ah, the wind is gently rocking the trees.  And there, a huge pop as one hits a car in the parking area.  Yes, acorns are falling.  You should have heard them last night when the thunderstorm was about to hit.  That first gust of wind make staccato machine gun sounds.

Now to my musings...
I'm retired.  I worked many different jobs.
I love my life, my home, my family and friends, my church, my community.  No complaints except running around in a body that doesn't do what I always want it to do.

But the thing about working on my own is that everything kind of blurs together.  Go have fun, lunch with friends.  Go see art, get inspired.  Go shop for necessities.  Shop?  Well, those are the only things I do shop for.  Go for walks in nature and get inspired.  Work on pottery, work on home, work on various projects on computer.  Take pictures for blogs, write them.  Read blogs and make comments.  Go to pottery studio in town, connect with other potters.  Make art work.

When do I feel like I have time off?
Well, having worked at various 8-5 type jobs, I remember how coming home was special...coming into my own environment, being "off work."  The kick your shoes off and undo tight things feeling, taking off work clothes and putting on "relaxing clothes."
Having weekends free for doing whatever I wanted to do.
And going away.  Or going on vacation.

This blur of retirement means I do have a few scheduled things each day.  Each and every day.  I haven't had a blank looking day on my calendar for a long time.  That doesn't mean I do everything that's on my calendar.  But I don't take a day off.

Well, when I'm sick, maybe.
I guess I am ready for a vacation.  Now how do I do that?  How do I get my mind to stop doing the routine I'm used to and completely relax.  Ha ha.

I will want my phone and computer nearby.  Oh my, if not, I'd be in withdrawal.  But maybe that's exactly what I need to do to "disconnect."  So be it.

I'm not going to be here tomorrow therefore.  And maybe not for a few days.  There may be blogs posted that I've already written, especially those in honor of my ancestor's birthdays.  I've just discovered so many of them, so I've been trying to get ahead a bit on listing whatever I know, and surmise about them.  This has been a fullfilling project that I hope to continue.  I won't be monitoring comments, and I guess they will wait. But for a few days, I'm taking off from my technology.  I will look at stars rather than screens.

Have you ever dared to do just that?

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