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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In the clouds

Enjoying cool morning breezes...with some rain intermittently.  The new gutters on this side of the cottage sound enough different that I had to pay attention to them the first rain after they were installed.  And the neighbor's house no longer has the metal carport roof, which used to sing with raindrops...so the symphony with rain has been changing.

I can't say the weather has been changing, because it's been mostly cool and wet all summer here in Western North Carolina.  It does heat up into the 80s in the afternoon, frequently with bright sun.  But this isn't a year with any 90 degree hot afternoons.

 And now September means a cusp is coming of more coolness and more darkness.  Soon the equinox will give us that dance of our earth as it balances fragiley away from then towards the sun.  I have also noticed more sunshine coming in my south facing windows earlier, which tells me the earth has started on it's tilt a bit earlier.  Of course it hasn't, but my recollection of it's angle into the room must have forgotten that by the time equinox comes, sun will shine through the windows at noon about a foot into the room.  By solstice it will shine about 5 feet into the room

I'll be posting some of the gorgeous clouds on my other blog, Living in Black Mountain, from my recent tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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Karen S. said...

You have posted a remarkable photo, dreamy and so full of life, and mystery. I fear about our weather changing as well, as last winter just branded us so hard. It even stole so much of our spring.