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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Chauncey Sweet Rogers.1912-1974

My Uncle Chauncey Rogers was born on 21 SEP 1912 in Galveston TX.  This would have been his 101st birthday, but he died in  December of 1974, in Escondido, San Diego County, CA, age 62.

Alexander, George Jr, (mislabled), James and Chauncey Rogers, Fort Worth house

On the Fort Worth Census of 1930, he was 18 and his occupation was listed as "none."  His older brother Alexander was a "drafter for the telephone company" and his father was an accountant for a packing company.

In 1940, his parents had moved to San Antonio, and at 27 he was living at home as well as his 18 year old brother, James.  My father had married by that time, as well as the oldest brother Alexander.  Again, the young men living at home had no occupation listed on that census, and their father was listed as an auditor for Commission Co (which I know nothing about.)

In 1942 he was in basic training in the Navy, in California.

He married when he was 41 in 1953, Eunice --   , who had been divorced.  He and my grandfather built a house for Chauncey and Eunice on the same property as my grandparents, but facing the side street.  I don't have a record of Eunice's name before her marriage, nor her son who I believe may have been grown by the time she married Chauncey.

Eunice and Chauncey, George Sr. and Ada S. Rogers

George Jr, Chauncey, James Rogers at funeral of George Rogers Sr. 1960

I don't know if Chauncey and Eunice moved to California after my grandmother's death in 1964, but it's likely that they did sometime soon after that.  My parents moved back to Houston in the early 70's, but I don't remember seeing Uncle Chauncey during my visits to them.

I had no idea what Uncle Chauncey's interests were, nor his occupation.  How can I have missed knowing anything about him?  It happened.  A reminder to ask questions about relatives while they are around.

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