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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumnal Equinox greetings

The way I've looked it up, Gaia, our glorious globe the earth, will be standing upright at 4:45 EDT this afternoon...with the sunlight balanced perfectly as she tilts away and towards her poles, like a lovely blue top.

Not my photo, from Wikipedia images

Isn't it fascinating to think of her core of molten magma, full of magnetic fields which somehow align with the poles, which somehow help birds and insects and maybe everything else, migrate in the right direction, finding home.

Everything else? Well, how about the compasses??  Simple that iron (or even a steel needle) points north...when floated on a non-metalic surface...and thus Columbus got to our shores.  Of course knowing the stars helped navigation, and having a sextant too.  And having a clock that could keep working in order to tell correct time over 24 hours.  Well, so some TV show led me to believe, all these things together helping men (sorry women, it really was men) navigate the seas and thus civilized (i.e. Western Europe) people took over the Americas.

Just think if they'd gone straight to India as they intended...

Ah, what do you intend to do today?
I intend to just be.
Happy first day of Autumn for my friends in North America.

The delightful French Broad River, Asheville, NC

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