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Thursday, August 22, 2013

I celebrate life!

And just a note, my 71st birthday is tomorrow.  I am going for a hike.  Yes, me.  Wish me luck in seeing Linville Falls.  I'll bring back pictures.


Not my photo

And my gift to you is that I did not post a picture of myself as a baby.  Have a great day.  Oh, here's a quote that I'll share with you.

Bone of my bone, blood of my blood, ground of my being; the Earth on which I walk and which sustains me; the ocean I sail over and swim in and walk beside and which also sustains me; the universe in which I am an entity.
I do not “believe” in Her.  Instead, I know Her without struggle, without having to suspend my questioning spirit, without a constant demand to worship Her to make Her “real.”  She is so worthy of my worship that She does not need it or demand it so I rejoice in worshipping Her. – Sylvia Sims


B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

One thing about being 70 years and 364 days old, my body has some frailties that continually surprise me. I woke up with a knee that doesn't want to walk down the hall...so am having to postpone the "hike" for this week. I'm glad I've got lots of sedentary things to do!

Kristin said...

awww, sorry about the knee. Hope it's better soon and you can take that hike.