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Friday, July 12, 2013


Do you ever think about that term?
Someone came up with it...many generations ago.  What do you think is really immortal?  (Some of you will have to turn off a switch you have inside that automatically gives an answer that is recited in a religion.  Give yourself the curiousity of a little child here.)

Since people think of "before their own lives," and "after"...and have developed many explanations for those two other places, other times...I guess someone, sitting around their cave or campfire, developed the concept of "what lives forever."  I wonder if that happened as women prepared food, cared for children, or made clothing or tools.

The concept keeps creeping into my consciousness.  I think it's something to do with my desire to leave behind my life something of value for the next generations.

That probably occurs to some of us, when we take some time to think about "all that is."  I also think that's why I may create art.  Maybe.  And it might also have to do with my delving into genealogy.  I've actually connected real people that have been buried for several centuries with this technology of computers, and my thought is that doing so lets the people who have yet to be born see something about those lives which donated (unwillingly perhaps) their DNA forward to the next generations.

I wonder if the other users of Ancestry.com do the same...

But I also have recognized that you have to have lots of free time to do so.  If I were providing the food, shelter, clothing and transportation for a young family at this time...nah.  I would be going to some job, receiving some benefits that would  provide for health care, money that would purchase needed clothes and shoes that are forever being outgrown, and purchasing and preparing meals.

That's only giving moments along the "car pool" highway to think of immortality, and watch out for the road rage maniacs that want to drive through me, triggering thoughts of how soon I might be facing mortality.

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