Monday, July 22, 2013

Have you ever?

In the last 24 hours I have -

  • Used shampoo to wash my whole body in the shower, cause that's what I poured into my hand, and didn't need to do my hair either.  I have liquid body soap, which is the problem.  The bottles look alike.

  • Put the half and half in the microwave instead of fridge after fixing coffee.

  • Ran naked to answer phone in living room with all the curtains open (hope you don't walk on my street!)

  • Walk around saying the words of things I see or do, and they are nothing like the correct ones.  Feed the fish became "walk the dog."  Alright, they both had to do with pets.  I don't have a dog!

Yep, I talk to the fish, and the cats, and of course the tomato plants...the geraniums, etc.  They don't care how accurate I am.  They have their own languages which I don't understand anyway.

I reassure myself that I sometimes just haven't got the link working in my brain correctly before I go out and try to drive or talk with other people. 

I am pretty sure this is normal aging forgetfulness.  (There was a time a couple of years ago I was certain it was Alzheimer's.)  But now I feel like getting as much rest, as much brain food (fish 3 times a week), and reducing my level of stress is helping. So if I don't volunteer for anything else, unless I give up something I've already said I'd do, the reason is I want to coddle my brain somehow.  Be nice to it...take care that it takes care of me as long as I need it.  I sure love to exercise it too!  Love word games, puzzles, reading, and learning new things...etc.

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