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Monday, July 29, 2013

cool stuff

My friends Su and Rebecca and 2 others I don't know (yet) are driving to Raleigh, NC today to join the last Moral Mondays demo scheduled.

The bus was sold out before Sun. morning when Rebecca asked if anyone at church wanted to carpool with her.  Then there was the big meeting at White Horse.  She was still looking.  I'm glad she posted on FaceBook this morning...

The other cool stuff is the weather.  Ahhh.  What a lovely day here in Black Mountain.  Cool night meant lots of covers or close those windows to the mountain air.

I'm thinking of how tomorrow is my greatgrandmother's, Zulieka Swasey (my father's mother's mother, who I never knew) birthday. See my post a few days ago here.   She was a Christian Science practitioner, as well as her daughter, my grandmother Ada Swasey Rogers.  Healing women, like the old time women who were also midwives and herbalists, seemed to run in my family.  (Though I admit I have no idea if either of them did midwifery at all.)

It's also my grandfather's on my mother's side (Albert Webb) birthday tomorrow (see tomorrow's post here).

And also happy birthday on July 30 to Charles Freeland the manager of the clay studio here at the Center for the Arts.

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