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Friday, July 5, 2013

Blog reading is for...

I really enjoy the friends I read/visit on their blogs almost every day.  These are real people talking about their very real lives.  Vicki Lane had her car side-swiped on the way home from teaching a writer's workshop the other day.  Gary Rith amuses me with his creative pottery and dog and cat pictures, and strange vegie gluten free recipes.

Ronni Bennett is one that never fails to give me insights and/or amusement...at Time Goes By

Saturdays she offers a pot-pori of lovely items, and this week I laughed out loud watching this video...Mental Health Hotline.

Hecate Demeter lets everyone know all kinds of things about our old religion, the one before patriarchy became so popular, the one that has goddesses including Columbia who stands atop our Capitol building in DC, which is named after Columbia after all...anyway, I like most of her blogs. 

So now I'm going off to Sepia Saturday to catch up on a lot of interesting trivia.  When you say you never stop learning, this is definitely a great way to prove it.  (Plus there's no test.)

The rest of my blogs that I read are more for the fun of sharing other's lives.  Just look at the blog list to the right, and you can click on their titles to go see if you're interested in their stuff too!

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Victoria said...

Blogland is a great community, isn't it? Like you, Barb, I love getting a glimpse into the lives of other people.