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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gratitude not-a-rant

gratitude means finding something positive.  Not-a-rant means letting go of any anger.

So the positive is that my money has finally been returned to my checking account, on day 6 after the 4 duplicate "pending charges" tied up most of it.  Yay.  I am looking to spend some of it with the same plastic that I used last Thurs.

But I'm also writing more paper checks...or paying cash, after hitting the ATM.  Oh yeah.

I'm grateful that the hand specialist came back in to see me a second time, when I read the pamphlet describing the symptoms he was treating me for, which were not the ones I'd described to him as the problem.  A specialist, as most of you know, costs twice what my regular doctor does.

And yesterday morning I went to one of the regular doctors about my not being able to bend over to do things without becoming very light headed and out of breath.  He tried to give me a prescription for a problem I didn't have, one where you feel dizzy and can't turn your head, which is related to the inner ear.  I said no, that is not what I am talking about.  So my heart functions will be checked with another test.  Again.

I begin to feel that I can't explain a thing to doctors any more.  Nor do I seem to be able to express myself very well verbally.   Well, there's nothing new about that.

One more almost rant.  The computer that was donated to me has little memory.  Apparently when I transcribed some pre-civil war letters into a simple Word document, it decided at that point, (after 2 hours), to close all functions, saying it had no more memory.  I restarted it, and yep, all my work was gone from today, but the work of yesterday was still there.

Good thing that I'd tossed the hand written copies into a nearby waste basket and not shredded them!  It's trash day, and I thought, maybe I should keep those, even though I have the Xerox copies of the originals.  Yes I'm grateful for that too!

So I'm also enjoying thinking in pre-Civil war terms of my ancestors.  These letters are so interesting.  Today I got to transcribe the one and only one from the man who went off to war, while he'd only been in Alabama Regiment of cavalry for 2 weeks.  He never came home, but the letter says where he was, and who his commander was, so there's some sleuth work that I might do.

My sister has written that she continues to be sick...and she sounded pretty maudlin yesterday.  I have no address for her besides email, so just wrote her a short supportive note.  For not having any communication for the last 25 years or so, this is a step.  I just hope she pulls through and we can continue building a new relationship.

Sorry, all my photos are too big for blogger to publish today.

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