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Monday, April 15, 2013

Voles vs. rose

This is a hole belonging to a vole.  They are rampant and my lawn is full of burrows.

I went ahead and planted my rose nearby.  I hope there isn't anything about a rose bush in which voles are interested.

Before...(not only grass to be dug out, but mint that loves this site)

...and after

Those are the vegetable seedlings in the tray on the porch above.  The streaked paint is a result of having a new surface put on the porch, so it will drain away from the house now.  A good trade-off for paint drizzled with concrete.

I cut all the buds, and this one is continuing to open.  I figured that adjusting to transplanting, the bush would be happier not trying to bloom at the same time.  I also am glad that my roses have a one year guarantee (as long as I keep track of the receipt).

For my own adjustment, my back thinks I should not be digging holes anyway, nor getting the mint out to give away.

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Jan n Jer said...

Very pretty rose...I had a knockout rose bush for a few produced plenty of blooms..but the thorns were so big..that everytime I had to prune I was getting wounded. I tore it out!

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

I didn't get a "knock out" rose...though there were lots of them at the nurseries I visited, but I don't even remember what that means. Yep, thorny little devils. I've got thick leather gloves and may still have gotten one prick that feels like a splinter, but I can't see it. I mainly like this for having a fragrance...oh, I forgot to include that in my post.