Thursday, April 11, 2013

Squirt bottle rant

You who have been outside all week, I commend you.  I have mostly been inside, or moving back and forth.

Today I took the second spray bottle of Round-Up out to attack the very rampant weeds growing in all the cracks of my driveway/parking area.  If it had been repaired sometime, I wouldn't have to do this.  But I've found (since I rent) to have a pleasant enough entrance, the best method is to spray it quickly. 

Spray is a laugh.  The old spray bottle was hitting about half the weeds, and the pavement the other half.  It's squirter would go too far beyond where I pointed it, or too short.  The new one is a bigger bottle (as I expect in a few months I'll need to re-do this routine).  But it's squirter is even worse.  I ended up holding it an inch above the plants...and just a little would come out each squirt.  So inch above means I'm really bending over...yep me!  And then I'd squirt an inch at a time.  In the half hour of squirting, I figure that was about a couple hundred squirts.

You never thought you'd be reading my rant about squirt bottles, did you?  But I honestly had time to think a lot about how Round-Up has provided such a poor applicator.  So more would be wasted and I'd have to buy more sooner?  Or what kind of quality control do squirters have these days?  Wish I hadn't thrown away the one from last year, where I could squeeze the handle over a yard and get the stream to go where I pointed it.

I forgot, that being that close to the spray, I may have inhaled some.  Drat.  Now I need to wear a mask to spray with a hand held squirter.

I did find I can only work outside about a half hour before needing an iced coffee today.  OK, that's why I'm here on the computer, now isn't it?  Time to go back out and tackle something else!

OK, anyone else have something they need to rant about today?  Just go ahead!  And you may send it to me if you want someone else to read it!  I am completely non-judgemental, unless you disagree with me.  Just kidding.


CAROLDEE said...

RoundUP is sooo costly and you are right it never quite goes where you want it to. It works great but I found I could buy a WHOLE gallon of cider vinegar and put it on the cracks and it worked pretty good. I had some stubborn poison ivy and ended up using SALT water.. and then some vinegar on worked. No need to spend so much on the darn weeds..I would rather spend money on fertilizer for the flowers.. :-)

Jan n Jer said...

LOL...I can totaly relate to this post. Our misadventures using the squirt bottle include killing the grass along with the weeds (note to not spray for weeds when there is even a slight breeze)
I like Caroldee's suggestion...worth trying the cider vinegar..much cheaper then round-up

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

Now the only question is, do they make spray bottles for apple cider vinegar? Nah, I do have a good one, from some cleaning products (organic, locally made) that when I finish the cleaning stuff, I'll be really ready to spray. Hopefully not for a couple of months though!

tony said...

I admire your patience ! I end up taking a hammer to the weeds!

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

Gee Tony, I even have a pick-ax (just borrowed it to talk to the mountain underneath where I want to grow vegies...but doesn't it hurt your hand to pound on weeds?