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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Get sick, still do a lot

From activist movie last night which hadn't been scheduled, to catching a dratted cold and barely sleeping last night...and to a dental appointment squeezed into today's already over-scheduled I yam.

The movie was at Warren Wilson college, and my friend Sarah asked me to go with her.  Partly because she has lost the sight in one eye and can't drive at night.  Partly because she's an activist and Eco-Chaplin, and I support her efforts. 
The movie was Bidder 70 ( - a movie about Peaceful Uprising and Tim DeCristopher and his successful direct action which saved thousands of acres of public BLM land from oil and gas drilling by bidding at a public auction in 2008. ( Tim was just released after spending two years in federal prison.  Then when I got home I watched Tim give a live streaming meeting with those who had questions for him.  The movie was very well done, including interview with Robert Redford.  I hope to have my Unitarian Universalist friends see it who are interested in social action.  There were lots of UU's in Salt Lake City who were featured in the movie, as well as the minister talking about Thoreau going to jail.
Rose that I planted has buds
My visit to the dentist was a last minute appointment to try to get a filling that fell out taken care of.  When I realized I couldn't breathe through my nose, I tired cancelling it.  There's nothing more fun that whoofing through your mouth while the dentist probes, I think.  But they talked me into keeping the appointment when I called to try to postpone it.  It's just a short appointment apparently, so the filling will probably not be fixed today.

I've a meeting with the MudBuddies at noon at a local restaurant.  That should be fun...then dash to dentist.  I may have a few hours/minutes before I meet Teresa for a fun date...for coffee at the Dripolater.  She works all the time, raises a family as well as has a great hubby, but sometimes likes to get away from it all...and I get to be part of that "play date."

At least the evening is free, so I can put my feet up, and tend my sore nose.  I'm waiting to get the movie "Lincoln" from Netflix, which will probably be tomorrow.  I'll probably share it with some friends.

So I'm breathing through my mouth today.  I still have lots of plants that ask for transplanting...soon, grasshopper, soon.  (Yes I've heard that phrase on another blog...and like it)

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B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

Well, no matter how much you prepare for these things, it still comes as a shock to consider using so much money on one tooth. I'll go back in 3 weeks and the dentist will drill away the cracked filling, and we'll find out whether I need an extraction or an expensive crown (and definitely not a root canal with that added cost).