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Saturday, March 23, 2013

In the dark and breakfast idea

Saturday potpourri as I finish up breakfast over my blogs/

Thanks to English Girl Rambles HERE who let me know about Earth Hour being held across the world today, Saturday, March 23 at 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time.

More info about Earth Hour can be found at this link.

Have you ever thought of going without electricity on purpose for an hour?  It is hard to do, but I bet there are some fun things, like taking a walk, or playing with someone or maybe pets, being outside or inside, that don't require a lot of electricity.  I know candles may consume more energy (the production of them does use carbon energies) but one by a bathtub isn't as much as a TV, a computer, lights and maybe snacking on popcorn.  OK, you can have the popcorn in the tub too, if you pop it at 8:29 pm local time.  And yes, you can use that hot water heater this time...after all, it's still March!

See ya in the dark at 8:30 tonight, friends!
Oops, not if you're in the tub, of course.

PS, here's the video. 


Chapter two, Eggs-Mac-Barbara

A test this week to see how I could use three things I dearly love for breakfast (though perhaps not on my diet anymore).  

A nice home made dropped biscuit (I hate to roll them out and clean up the mess of flour everywhere), with some scrambled egg and a slice of bacon.  There's the Eggs-Mac-Barbara.  Yum!  

Nope.  They tasted pretty bad.  How could that be?

 So I tore them apart, and could taste each separately, rather than the gummy feeling of the biscuit and the way the egg kind of disappeared and the bacon was too hard to crunch when combined. 

Now this is how I like my biscuits.  Split (when reheating them) buttered, and after they are broiled till the edges just turn brown, slap some home made jam on them.  Ah.  That's the combination that wins the day, next to my espresso of course.

 I just opened my last jar of home-made jam which I got at the TailGate market here in Black Mountain last year.  The market starts in another 6 weeks, so I think I may have to switch to store-bought at some point.  Oh my goodness.

Of course I could cut back on breads for breakfast too.  OK, let's try yogurt for a few days!

Apologies to Friday Fences, where I posted my entire blog address rather than my fences post, Fence Pieces, here. 

1 comment:

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

I wish I'd gone with my suggestion of a bath, and popcorn. But I sat in bed with first one candle, then two, then three, trying to read. Finally gave up and turned the light on. I'm a spoiled civilized brat!