Monday, March 18, 2013

ah health issues

Had my yearly physical today.
The good news (at least upon check-out) was that there was no charge, even the co-pay for my doctors visit (remember I am on Medicare by now).  Is this Obamacare?  I gotta say I like it.

NOTE: Nothing is too detailed below, nor are there any dire warnings!  It's a great check up, basically!

The various blood test results weren't too surprising...more cholesterol problems than anything else.  Most things came out on the borderline level and even waaay better than I expected.

Weight is still a problem.  Drugs still have side-effects, so the doc has to figure out "what to balance against what" so I can still do whatever I want to with my life.

So diet and exercise are recommended, as well as stop one drug completely.

And have another test, which I need to stop typing and schedule right now.  There, that didn't take long.

I think I've been eating pretty badly for about 30 years.  At times I clean up my act.  Sometimes I've done low-carb diets.  Sometimes I fasted for one day a week.  But I usually let my body tell me what it wants, which often is something fried or sweet.  Oh dear.  Maybe we'll have to have a talk with my bod soon.

Exercise used to be something I loved to do...well, the fun things like hiking, biking, swimming (ocean preferred), yoga and so on.  Now I'm limited to walking.  But I decided at least I can get out some of my old (well, they are at least 10 years old) senior-cise tapes (VCR, remember them?) and try to do them inside until the weather improves.

I have already signed up for a yoga class which starts in a few weeks.

So the thing I have to deal with is...30 years of habits.  Mmmm.  Simple, really.  Just wake up on the other side of the bed every day.  It's like the meditation that I recently re-started doing.  I don't do it at the same time every day, like they recommend.  I sometimes skip days.

Let's just say I'm a perfect example of a bad example for self discipline.

So now I'm going public.  That's what the Weight Watcher folks do, with at least a support group mentality.  I don't know that I'll weigh-in every week.  And I know I will fail at coming to meetings regularly.  So all I can say is, I'll try.

Oops, I remember my psycho-babble friends saying, don't try, just DO.

OK, here goes.

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