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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What happened to MY earnings in SS?

Well the "sequestration silliness" may just impact me, as so many "budget cuts" seem to land on the shoulders of those who can so valiantly not hold them up.

As Ronnie Bennett says on her blog this morning...and as is true all mornings...
"Again, for the zillionth time, Social Security is a closed system. It does not contribute a penny to the deficit. Beneficiaries paid into this program all their working lives and to cut benefits is stealing money from old people who have no means to make up the difference."
 The above quote was her comment in answer to ...

"While Obama turned up pressure on Congress yesterday to act before the 1 March deadline, he repeated what has become his let-elders-pay-for-the-deficit mantra, saying that he has
”...laid out specific reforms to our entitlement programs”
By which we have come to understand that he means enacting the chained CPI for calculating cost-of-living increases to Social Security."

 Oh just read her blog here!

I just want to shout.  I do get so anxious about all this.

Here's a picture of your Mom.
(Imagine a skillet with a fried egg in it)

Here's your Mom with her life savings and her contributions to Social Security being sucked away by a national deficit (to which she contributed HOW?)
(Imagine dumping the egg into a huge dumpster)

Now here's your Mom having used up her life savings and no longer getting enough back from her own Social Security to live on.
(Imagine your own Mom in 10-year-old clothes, homeless, outside a mansion begging, while the owners of the mansion are behind a locked gate (of course) with lots of the latest toys...but not having to pay taxes on their earnings, which of course multiply by the thousandfold because having money is the way to earn money.)

And here's the congress of the United States smiling at having cut a deficit on the backs of their mothers.
(Imagine a lot of mothers picking up those skillets and wielding them at their sons)

Get the picture?  It's really going to be ugly.

I believe our congress is ruled by the Marie Antoinette mentality.  "Let them eat cake." is the best they can understand as the way to care for others.

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