Saturday, February 2, 2013

Waking and sleeping

There's a portal and from the land of dreams.  So even if I'm walking around after pulling on something warm in the morning, and even if I have started drinking something with caffeine, that's not the beginning of my waking state yet.
Dr. Bronner's Castile soap, Peppermint
I don't know what the hemp has to do with it, but I've been using this concentrated liquid soap for at least 40 years.  I've now figured out I like to wake up with the smell, which is stimulating to me.

I dilute it obviously whenever I use it, either on hands, body or face. And it is pretty painful should it hit my eyes.  So I usually only wash my cheeks and nose with it on my face.

But there's a moment in the shower when I take a deep inhale, and then I know I'm awake. 

How do I go to sleep then?  Well my favorite scent again is a calming one.  A hand lotion that has lavendar.

Since I've had so many allergic reactions to various perfumes and even natural oils, I'm really glad that these 2 scents are Barbara-friendly.

What are your "wake up" and "slow into dream" scents?

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