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Monday, February 25, 2013

Macro leaves problem

I'm asking (searching) for an answer to the fuzz that has decided to appear right as new leaves pop open on my old gardenia bush.

Gardenia leaves

I brought it inside in October when the first freezes started happening at night.  It sat in an indoor covered porch/studio over most of the winter.  Ha!  She says, because it is still winter, isn't it?

But I moved it into the southern exposure living area where it gets full sun and warmth again about a month ago.  I also fertlized it then.

Flaky things on new growth

Then yesterday I noticed that all the new leaves had little white/transparent flaky things.  When rubbed, they come off easily and look like little shards of glass, but are softer.

If the flaky things are on older leaves (dark green) I sure don't see them.

I have had aphids on this bush last spring, and treated them effectively with regular spraying.  Is this another kind of insect?  Or is it a disease?

None of the gardenia diseases in the various sites on line talk about anything like this.

The rest of the leaves haven't fallen off all winter.  Last year this bush shed all it's leaves and grew a new batch.

This year I did prune it before bringing it back to warmth and sunshine.

Anyone know what this might be and how to treat it?

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More of the gardenia bush, showing stems


bettyl said...

I wish I could help with this problem, but I'm confident someone will be able to!

Orvalho do Céu said...

Muito bonito o post!!!
O verde tem o seu lugar...
Bjs fraternos de paz

Linda Starr said...

could be spider mites.

smartcat said...

Try spraying with Insect Soap...I use Safers. They also make a fungicide, but I think this is some sort of larval stage insect.

Sybil Hansen said...

I have the same thing did you figure it out?

Barbara Rogers said...

No, Sybil, I never figured it out. The plant overwinters inside, and this spring it had fewer of the spotting. I didn't worry about it, and it is finally having buds in its new house.