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Saturday, February 23, 2013

In honor of Keptain the cat

A pair of adult cats that seldom stretched out together like this.  Muffin on left, Keptain on right. 
Keptain's full name was "Keptain Panther of the UUS Kitty Pride," as named by my 11 year old son (a Trekie). 

Keptain was born on the day we moved into a new apartment in Knoxville, TN, from Atlanta.  His poor mother had been crammed into a normal size cat carrier in a U-Haul for a whole day.  When we arrived in Knoxville, the key to the apartment wasn't available, so we had to stay overnight in a Holiday Inn.  

The mom-to-be stayed in the bathroom, waited till we got to the apartment and moved a dresser upstairs, where she scooted under the 2 inch space (barely) and started giving birth to those 4 kittens.  We fortunately took the drawer out so we could see her, and help as needed.

Keptain lived with me for many years, and finally had to go to the other side of the rainbow bridge with help of his vet when he was 14 years old (I think, my memory isn't that great).  My son was an adult by then, and came to say goodbye before the sad day.  He had loved and cared for that sweet cat for many years.  I still miss his funny squeeky meow.

I'll tell you Muffin's story another time.

I'm submitting this to Camera Critters Meme this week.