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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cycle of green life

Recently I pruned all the house plants.  It felt very hard to cut back little guys who had struggled through the winter in low light and cool rooms, and sometimes only being watered once a week.

Here the gardenia has proved that it was just waiting for its chance to have warmth and good sun, as well as a nice dose of fertilizer, and now regular watering.   I'm hoping I can force it to give me blooms in the next month.  It won't be ready early as February this year, because I held it from full sunlight till just at the end of January.

Do you know what this lovely bud will turn into?

Geranium.  Again, this trick of cutting back, then bringing artificial spring into being is so fun!


I'm having a lot of fun with macros these days.  The Kalancho buds are so fascinating.

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