Monday, January 28, 2013

Too much toxemia

OK, anyone who also snuggled down to watch two shows on PBS last night, which were produced by BBC, may have also had the same nightmares I did last night.

Two one-hour shows, right after each other, had a pregnancy end in a rare condition, Toxemia or Eclampsia, with dire results.  I'm not holding any punches or refraining from telling you that they both died, with seizures, and talk about swelling ankles. 

I don't care if you haven't seen "Call the Midwife" for this week, nor "Downton Abbey" yet.

You should be warned.  The actresses did a great job writhing about with their seizures then lying there without breathing as dead are prone to do (pardon the pun).  The actor husbands did a great job of being bereft loving husbands.

But puleeze, why did these silly scheduling fools put both these shows back to back on the same evening?

I woke up several times thinking what a sad thing, for writers to use a rare condition as a theatrical element in 2 shows, and for us poor viewers to have to undergo the same kind of tragedy.  And of course these characters in their respective shows have now become background for future episodes. 

I just wish the BBC and PBS (here in NC it comes through UNC in Chapel Hill) had some idea what it would be like to watch this crazy mishmash.

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