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Friday, January 25, 2013

The cats who chose us

Right after I turned 69, a lot was happening. My friend, The Enlightened One died after I came home from visiting my family in CT.  We (our church committee that helps people who are sick) planned to help with meals for care-givers, then out-of-town guests, and I was kind of coordinating that (except while I was out of pocket for 10 days).

Others planned a memorial (celebration of her life) service. 

The Women's group was asked to give a Sunday service for the church and I lost it at one of our meetings when I had conflict with another member, so I just took a minor role in it.

You've already read about my high school friend (The Flowery One) and her family who went through a major crisis in her life.  

And of course my internet servers (gmail, yahoo) started acting up, with me losing some of the mail that she sent me.

So here's the next thing I wrote to The Flowery One and The Brain (my other high school friend):

"I'm getting another cat.  The calico that my friend, The Enlightened One was adopted by...she was feral and just starting coming inside and sleeping with her (I don't know how long ago) she's somewhat skitish, timid until she gets to know you.  She often would come up to me when I was at the medicine wheel in The Enlightened One's yard.

"Yep, Painter is an indoor/outdoor cat.  She is beautiful.  I'll try to find a picture to attach.


"I'm so thrilled to have another calico (my very favorite, and I think I've had more than my share, gratefully).

"She'll have to stay inside a few days to get used to the idea that she's living here...

we'll probably do the "adoption" on Fri.

"I've been talking to Muffin about having a little sister/room mate.  So far she seems ok with the idea.  We shall see when it happens.

Famous last words, eh?  Well, they do both love being given attention, and they put up with each other!

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