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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Irene visits

Now we return to the story of my 69th year.
Two granddaughters enjoy breakfast and the bunny out in the yard
Following my loose-tongued dinner on the 23rd, Grandma and Grandpa G went back to their own home, while I retired to the guest corner in the basement playroom.

(from my email to The Flowery One, Aug 24, 2011)
<I gave away a bunch of vases, plates, and the best pitcher I'd made...the small red one.   It was fun to see the girls trying to decide which of the little vases would be theirs...since there were 5 of them, and only 3 girls.  I think Grandma finally took one, and The Care Giver another, and they settled.  I was happy Grandma got a platter and a big vase, since they are so nice to me and of course to the whole family.

<I'm going to go try to find the 2 houses I lived in when we lived here in the mid-late 60s.  I know one street, but don't remember the other one...just vaguely where it is.

Small 3 bedroom house where I lived with husband and my 2 oldest boys, Thompsonville, CT 1965-68
Three bedroom house we lived in 68-69, Windsor CT

I really hadn't paid much attention to hurricanes since moving to the mountains.

My next email to my friend says:
<Everyone here is thinking of preparing for the huricane...which is weird.  I keep saying, be prepared, don't panic.  But the truth is being inland as far as we are, it will just give the same winds and rain that will probably be felt in Black Mountain, just a day later.  Should be here by Monday.
<It is due to hit the outer banks tomorrow least the last I heard.  I haven't checked this morning yet. 
<Lots of east coast (New Jersey, New York) islands have been given warnings to get them to do something to prepare, since they haven't had to prepare before, or maybe just for years.  NY city may have some flooding, if there's a direct hit...because it's also due to be at the same time as a new moon high tide...they're guessing.
<Since no hurricane has hit the uS for at least 4 years, the news/weather reports can't do anything before things happen besides talk about it...and they really don't know anything yet.  Forecasts have a margin of error of about 150 miles either side of the track they think it will take...but of course the closer it gets in time, the more likely they will know which way it may go.  But it is still a storm that doesn't always follow the forecasts.
<So I've posted a meditation at the bottom here, that Linda sent to me.  Hope it helps along with your energies, which are definitely appreciated.

~   Meditation on Hurricane Irene
~ ~     Visualize the storm becoming less and less intense.
~ ~ ~ See the eyewall of the storm beginning to dissipate and become less defined.
~ ~ ~ See the category rating of the storm lowering to a 1.
~ ~ ~ As you look at images of the storm visualize the tightly packed cloud formations loosening and see clear spots appear within the formation.
~ ~ ~ Send love to Gaia so that “whatever this storm is meant to accomplish for Earth” it does so in the gentlest way possible.
~ ~ ~ Give thanks for the opportunity to be of service, and bear witness to the most remarkable time in the history of our planet.

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