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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Arriving at The Consultant's Home

I came into a small NY town right after a huge wind event
I got pretty turned around from New Jersey onward.  Finding the correct lane, the right thru-way, or whatever they were called, I finally got off one of them in a nice sounding town.  Pleasantville, I think, reminding me of a movie.  I expected perfection and black and white scenes.  I'd just dodged a rain storm, which didn't help me glance from mapquest to road signs and get across enough lanes, this is a GPS-free car.

I drank a coke at MacDonalds, then looked for the road signs that would take me back where I wanted to go.  There were no highway signs anywhere in this town.  Streets had names, but nothing to designate the turnpike I'd just left.  So I wandered in my car, avoiding wires hanging in the street, and saw all the neighbors looking at this huge tree. At least this house didn't seem to have much damage.  Eventually I got on the right road to an entrance to the thru-way and made it to CT.

My son, The Consultant moved to CT a couple of years ago.  He is married with three daughters.

The Consultant and wife, The Care Giver in her wedding portrait

playground behind the house

The Care Giver is a lovely wife and mother
The Care Giver with her mother, Grandma, and her husband, Grandpa G.
I got there in time for a birthday dinner, which I shared with Grandma, The Care Giver's mother, who's birthday is 5 days after mine.  So my 69th was shared with her 72nd.  That was fine!

It was great fun, and I drank a bit too much wine probably.  (I'm learning that I tell all kinds of interesting stories once I've done that...and I avoid it now.  At least the kids had left the room by then.)

The 3 princesses, from left The Bunny, The Dancer, and The Actress
Please remember, in years to come, that these nick names are just temporary and don't have much meaning in reflection upon the children's personalities.

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