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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Smoky Mountain Railway

From a trip to Dillsboro, NC for the Pottery Festival...

Suddenly here comes the train!  It slowly rolls right within reach of my hand, if I'd the nerve to stretch it out.  Instead I moved back away from the fence which separated us.  Just a foot or so.

So big.  So powerful.

Most of the cars were closed, except for this one.

I wondered what the car called the Train Store had inside.

The train stayed parked right next to the booths full of pottery for at least an hour.

After we went to lunch it had left.  I wondered if the whole thing turned around before it went back on its journey (where, how?)  There's more to be explored about this train.  It would be fun to take a trip on a day like this.

I'll post on my pottery blog tomorrow about our lunch adventure.  (Don't miss today's post about my friends I saw while looking at pottery...over here.)

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