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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Loving being old

When Time Goes By blog yesterday said this... (here)
With so many baby boomers entering their mid-sixties, being old has become the new cool age group for the media. They vie among themselves for attention, intent on advising Crabby Old Lady on how to avoid being old – or, at least, to not be perceived that way.
I decided it was time to celebrate the wrinkles and sags of my life.   Bah humbug to those youngsters who want to make me stop looking my age, or try to anyway.

So here's my looking like me, and loving myself for it.

And do I have the nerve to show you some wrinkles?  Well, isn't that part of loving myself, letting you know just what is here?  (Maybe not all of what is here, so don't worry!)


I don't wear any make-up any more.  When I go out in the sun I do put on some sunblock.  I believe nature should look natural, and I'm part of nature, but I do keep my clothes on!  I'm not especially proud of my wrinkles...and I'm a bit surprised where they are.  I'm kind of missing those expected great crinkles of smile-wrinkles around my eyes.  Oh well. 

My ruddyness might be from the house being a bit cool today...around 65.  But most of us keep our homes around that temp.  Perhaps it's from wearing that pink sweater!


Hope you love yourself, and all the folks around you, today!  I love you just the way you are, and I probably don't even know you!

And before I go, I have to give you another link, to one of my favorite forward thinking blogs...
if-only-we-could-be-as-smart-as-a-flower on Hecate Demeter's blog.  This is very important for everyone to think about.

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