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Monday, November 5, 2012

Holiday gifts

A friend in CA just asked where I had posted my pottery since she's thinking of holiday gifts.

Here's the only place at this time...Alchemy of Clay by blackmtnbarb

It's one of the click it tabs called a "page" across the top of my daily posts at Alchemy of Clay.  (I have just changed the color of these tabs so they're bright red and green).  I've also got one for decorating for the holidays, and one for bowls, and one ...well, go on over there if you want to check them out.  Remember the shortcut of clicking the picture to the right of the bowls that takes you right there!

 This is the top picture over at Alchemy of Clay these days.  I'd better start updating the one here too.

Mmm, wonder what would be appropriate.  How about the cornucopia?

It looks a bit big.  But I'll try it now.  If you see it up there, it worked!

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