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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Goddess studies loss

Three gentleman sailors...????

Yes, the yacht races at Lake Tomahawk, completely run from the shore.

There was a special wedding during the time I took my walk.  It had been provided free to a Marine who has served two tours in Afghanistan, and his bride, from a contest.  Here is the balcony where the service apparently was held. 

As I looked at FaceBook this afternoon following my walk, I learned of the death of a dear and talented woman who has written, researched and led much of the forefront of serious studies about goddesses.

This picture reminds me of Patricia Monaghan.  Our lives are all a bit diminished by her loss.  She was a treasure.  My favorite book of hers was "The Red Haired Girl from the Bog," a charming and personal story of her trip to Ireland to explore goddesses and her Celtic roots, which were intertwined.

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