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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


A huge dollop of yogurt over grapes.  I was picking through the grapes to take out the kind of withered dried out ones, and thought to myself "why throw these out, when I often put raisins in my yogurt?"  So they stayed there under the yogurt.

(Note to any potters, this bowl is a piece that I've kept of a clay which bloats when it's glaze fired, called P-5. The bloat shows on the elbow of the cat in the shot above.   I have two samples in case you're considering it...and I still eat out of this one.)

It's snowing on Nov 6, 2012

The snowfall feels like news for now...while so many lives will be impacted by the news at the end of this day.  I do hope you've voted...it's really important to do this year!

Yes, we like bright colors around here...can you find those two camouflaged kitties?  Being calico they think they can blend in anyway.  Right.

My tummy's full, don't bother me, says Muffin

Painter is having a great dream too!
Snow still falling, and melting!
I'm really glad that Muffin is feeling better, having been on antibiotics for about 5 days for her UTI.  She was busy running around with Painter earlier today...whiz up and down the hallway!

Thanks for reading here (or my other pottery blog) and for all your comments!

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