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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A note on health

If I focus today on health, sooner or later I may have a topic on wealth, and then some of the other things that concern everyone...mmm, how about how water always goes downhill?

OK, back to health.

I have a big bias because I never had any medical treatment until I was 20.  And actually I think this allows me to be open to the ideas of alternative health care, as it is now called.  But religious health care was the reason I didn't see a doctor till I left home and was living on my own.  Christian Science teaches it's followers to pray to know the truth about our lives, that we are all children of God, and have the same connections to God as Jesus had, therefore, can heal ourselves as he did.

I didn't always have healing, but I won't go into that.  It's still got some good information even if I've decided to go to doctors.

To talk about health is to look at what I loved when alternative treatments began to be welcomed in people's lives in the 70's.  Wholistic Health Care.  To be whole.  This is really what health means.  (And I mean the people in the United States, unfortunately.  Lots of people across the world were using many other ways of staying health before this Wholistic movement. (or Holistic movement as many prefer to spell it.)

So my note about health today is maybe that I want to celebrate the wholeness of myself.  And you too!

Now I'll go take my evening medications, then take my blood pressure to see how they're working.  I put a lot of effort into walking today, especially up the hill to Sarah's new house.  So exercise is a plus toward my holistic health.  I ate a couple of balanced meals, and had some chocolate, so I feel pretty good about my diet today.  My stress level has been pretty low today, having said just what I was feeling during conversations whenever I had a different opinion, but I wasn't confrontive.  And I just finished a book about yoga and learned some new ideas that  inspire me to approach relationships differently, thus feeding my spiritual health as well.

Be well, y'all!

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