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Monday, October 29, 2012

Tree trimmers

I'm sitting here drinking a nice cuppa Chai tea (decaf kind) with honey, when a tree trimming truck rumbled up the street, parked so as not to block my driveway, but the little limb-eating thing (a trailer) is right by my mailbox.

I sauntered outside, covertly to pour the water out of the birdbath cause it's already 34 degrees here at 10 a.m...and the guys in full climbing regalia walk over and say hi, how're you today.  They were expected.  Oh, I didn't recognize Andy who I'd met last week under his goggles, ear muffs and hard hat, not to mention that belt with a thousand thingies hanging from it, and a climbing rig around his legs.  They were here to trim the Cherry tree where it overhangs the neighbor's garage roof.

I had my camera out in no time.

I refrained from saying how much I'd rather look at the tree than my neighbor's roof, as the chain saw took major limbs down.

Andy went up with the chain saw first.

Then switched to using the hand saw.  His partner kept carrying the limbs into a pile, or used the extension cutter to pull smaller branches out.

Luckily Andy didn't have to deal with the expected 40 mph wind gusts from storm expected soon from Sandy.  There were some stiff breezes that made the tree branches move a bit, but nothing spectacular.

There goes a lot of the cherry tree to the chipper.

And Andy just keeps cutting.

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