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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy walked lightly here

There is such a sigh of appreciation.

There is also still a bit of apprehension.

Perhaps the other shoe may drop tonight.  The weather might be cold enough for all this wet to freeze.  The ongoing snow might eventually stick.

But weather will take its own course.  I see on the news that it was much heavier footed elsewhere.

I am still aware that the elec. might go out and leave us very cold and with minimal food preparation avenues.  The camp stove and bottled gas will work fine.  I hope the blankets will keep me and the kitties warm enough.

And since freezers don't work once elec. stops, I've taken out a pound of frozen salmon and cooked it today.  It will be good to eat now, whether cookable or not.

There are gallons of water to drink.  And I bought 12 days worth of cat food.  I know I have such a minimal impact from the storm, that it's almost not worth mentioning.  Like saying, I brushed my teeth this morning.  There are many many people who are having a rough time.  I send them energy that might give comfort and ease and hope that their lives will return to normal soon.

I haven't read a book for weeks.  I was working this afternoon on a new sculpture in clay, and can't seem to get that interested in it.  I put in 15 minute spurts.   But I think I need a book.  Time to pull out one of my old favorites.


Vicki Lane said...

We've had snow and are now nicely prepared for winter weather... stay warm, Barb. (I've just pulled an old Somerset Maugham THE MOON AND SIXPENCE from the shelf -- a good time to reread old friends.)

B. Rogers, Alchemy of Clay said...

For some reason this blog doesn't have the "reply" to comment button. So I'll write this as a new comment. I've looked at several books since writing my "snow" blog...and am off on a goddess learning journey again, as my blog post today shows reviewing the Inanna book as I begin the Merlin Stone, one I haven't read yet.