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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photos in a color theme

Let's do blue...
This  has a blue sky...but it also had the blue "Y" in Clay on the sign, and doesn't that car look blue too? 

Oh I know this is turquoise, but I'm so glad to find a pic of this bowl, which was slashed and reattached while still wet.  It was the first white clay piece I threw, and I loved the clay...it felt so like butter.  It was either P-5 or Little Loafers, both cone 6 clays.

Another turquoise type blue...the first vase I sold at the Tailgate Market several years ago.  I wish I could get that color again, though in reality I think it is much greener than this picture.

A lovely woman minister who led the congregation in Tampa for too short a time.

So I have saved some animal photos which I don't know who took in order to give credit to the artists.

And then there's one of my favorite animals with her head propped on a towel.  Today she was sick and I gave her chicken broth.

I wonder if it's a blue whale...nah.
Some of my favorite people...all in blue too!

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