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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Did I tell you about Fred?

Fred Feldman joined the clay studio, and is working on mixed media sculptures.  Some are entirely clay, which is what I posted over on my other blog, here.

But here are some of his extraordinary wood sculptures.  They remind me of Louise Nevelson's assemblages.

Fred Feldman and a wood sculpture outside his studio/home, Oct 13, 2012
Glass fronted sculptures of "found objects" are scattered throughout Feldman's home.

Even the  kitchen windowsill has some of Feldman's creatures growing spider plants.
This looks like a quite functioning throne, er chair.

This coffee table has definitely served as a conversation piece.  But all of this house is full of these kinds of pieces, inviting you to spend time exploring each one.

Not every piece has a price tag, but I'd dare say most of them do.
These are examples of his custom made speaker systems

The coat closet has a sense of whimsey.
A natural knot in the wood makes the eye here.

Again Fred found what the wood offered, and added to it.

And there are so many other pieces, this just is a hint of what you can see if you visit his studio/home. It's open again tomorrow (Oct 14) as part of The East of Asheville Studio Tour.

There are also refreshments, of course.  And Linda, Fred's lovely wife, will be there to talk about her weaving, if you're interested.

Bye for now.

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