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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cool morning means groans

Ah, the old body gets used to cold weather.  It's coming.  Groans.

You know, whenever I sit for over 10 minutes, the knees make me groan.  The hips just don't want to straighten up.  Don't you have the ankles make you walk like a stilted giant for the first few steps?

Well, I don't have pain so I'm really grateful.  Just this joint sticking thing.

Doctor suggested I should lose some weight.  I wanted to just hand it to her.  Here's 30 ugly pounds of fat.  I could just suck it out, lipsuction style.  Or maybe squeeze it into a bucket...perhaps more than one.  Shaving it off might hurt...but since it's just fat, and my thighs would probably offer the whole 30 pounds, it's a possibility.  Then the tummy has another 30 pounds to offer.  Whew, just like that I'd be back where I was in 1975.

So I'm also supposed to increase my exercise.  That doesn't mean sitting here wiggling my fingers along the keys, while sitting in upholstered comfort, listening to PBS...which is on pledge season. (That has nothing to do with my weight, nor you, dear readers, but it does help set the picture of what my life is like right this minute).

I'm going to walk around the lake today.  Or maybe the Spruce Pine Potters Market.  Will at least get the gas in preparation for the trip, on which I hope to have an injured friend accompany me.  Her injuries are mainly on her right hand, I think.  We will not hold our royal breath, royal because we're talking in plural.

Hope that autumn changes treat you gently.

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