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Monday, October 1, 2012

Catch up Monday

You've had those weekends, where your whole life is externally focused, away from your normal existence at least.  A different reality.

I've been a traveler frequently,
And I've had my share of retreats, coming home and not having my feet on the ground for days...and most of the time I'd return to work too...wonder how that worked for me.

This weekend was the Cottage Studio Sale (if you've ever seen my blog before, you probably are sick of hearing about it by now).  But it was very pleasing to experience.  And definitely worth all the trouble.

Here's a post on Alchemy of Clay (my pottery blog) about it.

The Cottage Studio Sale success

So now I'm doing laundry.  Changing the bed.  Taking my personal things back out of bins and closets where they hid during the time my "public self" was open to guests, and the public actually.  Nobody came to my door that I didn't know.  But I was prepared.  I was hopeful.

In a couple of weeks is the big "East of Asheville Studio Tour."  I'm not part of it this year.  Maybe another time.  It lasts all weekend.  And is definitely a public tour.  I have friends taking part in it.  I will consider doing it, because there are no potter's studios in Black Mountain listed this year, besides one which is a retail shop.  That's incredible, with all the potters around. 

Hope this finds you enjoying Mon. Oct 1.  Rabbit, rabbit.


June said...

Deelighted you stopped by at Aging Gratefully, and glad you liked the pictures. I have more "fall color" picture than anything else, except for, maybe, sunsets.

I looked at your little porringer (or whatever it is) and it's sweet. I bet it feels good in the hand.

Anyway, good to meet you. I'll be back.

Barbara Rogers said...

OK, June...what's the porringer which you looked at? I haven't a clue, with over 200 pots on sale yesterday!