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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ah, breathe in that air

The freshest mountain air around.  Warm sunshine with cool mountain breezes.

Yes, this is the same area where I took the pic for my header...also driving just under the I-40 overpass on NC Hwy 9, leading into Black Mountain. You can see the leaves are more sparse by now.

But now the maple at the bank is in full blush.

Trees by the Presbyterian Church have passed their prime, but they weren't as glorious as they have sometimes been.

Going on up Montreat Rd (NC Hwy 9) there are some brilliant colors still.

A new fence, and an old one with pretty red bushes behind it.  I think there are also Halloween decorations on that fence.

 My little UU church, and you can see someone walking over to it...I'm thinking Evelyn probably.

My front door and the cherry tree next to it, where leaves have some yellow tint.  It's not as beautiful as other years, either.  Wonder why.  All the rain we had?  

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