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Friday, October 26, 2012

A really good day

Just having so much of a good day today.
I've started doing what I want to do sometimes.
And saying what I want to say sometimes.  And laughing a lot.
I actually have an exercise when I get out of the shower now.  Just laugh.  Belly laugh for one full minute.  It's fun.

Today the Folk Art Center was busy with people from everywhere...Swiss visitors, from Myrtle Beach, Hendersonville...I didn't check everyone.

 I was told last Fri they had over 2000 visitors.  This morning were less than a hundred...I think the gallery would be very uncomfortable with a lot of people.  Of course lots of people just were shopping downstairs in the store full of crafts.

The weather people are warning of great storms starting tomorrow night.  I'm glad that they will hold off till after the Tailgate Market.  It's our last chance to sell pots until mid-November.

I spent two hours at the pottery studio, then I voted. Then I went to the grocery store...and it wasn't mobbed by panic (like people preparing for a storm.)  That was nice.

Now I'm eating a cookie, and fixing a pizza.  Life has been really good today.  You need to know how grateful I am to have a great day.

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