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Friday, September 21, 2012

Water is our most natural reflection.

Reflections that take you away from it all...

A wonderful art exhibit is on display at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts right now.  This is my attempt to come into the genre that David Young has mastered and shown in the gallery.  For more info see BMCA Gallery  (Note the web page for BMCA is out of date, but this link will take you to the current gallery exhibit.

This is also being posted on weekend reflections blog


'Tsuki said...

Yes, natural is the best of reflection, you are so right... And you proove it so nicely here with this shot...

Emille said...

Great water reflection! Happy weekend:)

Victoria said...

Hi Barb, I just found your blog when I was over at Vicki Lane's.

I love the photo of the water and spent several minutes staring at it, finding all the colors, patterns and reflections.

Thank you for putting me on your blogroll! Now I'm off to add you to mine.

Victoria from Brushstrokes

Nefertiti said...

tres joli,bravo