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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Vernal Equinox all you Pagans!

Not a pagan?  Well you have a happy Saturday...the day named after one of those pagan every day of our calendar, and most months too!

So when the wheel of the year turns, and you realize you're part of the gravity here...enjoy that our dear earth is still turning through the seasons!

I happen to try to live close to the earth, though not as much as some of my friends.  What I do try to do is remember that I'm part of nature, not separate, and certainly not in charge of it.

Well, I do have to take out the trash, feed the animals, and clean up after us all.  That's the part I'm in charge of.

Have you seen the new TV show on NBC called "Revolution"?  A take off perhaps from Kevin Cosner's movie "The Postman," along with input from a book "One Second After" by William Forstchen, a local Montreat/Black Mountain author.  His book is scarey enough, but is a good wake-up call to how fragile our technological lives are.  I liked that many of the local sites came into play in the book.  I haven't decided whether I like Revolution or not.

Now why am I watching a post-apocalyptic TV show?  It's fascinating.  I don't expect I'd survive very long if any of these doomsday events happened, so I can just look at them with interest that's not predicated on fear for my own survival.

So the equinox gives me pause, and I eagerly run out into nature to grasp the experience.  A day and night of equal length.  How truly wonderful.  I will roll around in the pile of leaves that someone else raked (virtually that is), while enjoying that feeling of warm sun on one side of my body as the other feels the coldness of winter winds approaching



What a fine post. Perhaps I liked it so much because I love nature too -- and I lean toward paganism. Doomsday anything is always bothersome to me. So enjoy the virtual pleasure of rolling in the leaves and the warm sun -- barbara

Linda Starr said...

I think there would be lots of problems if technology was suddenly kaput especially electronics, it is sometimes a scary thought I try to push it to the back of mind, but the economy and world affairs and the possibility of wars on various fronts has me pushing harder on those thoughts. Thank goodness for nature to ground me.