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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting Organized

This is the book I'm working on.  Actually just started, but have some interesting events to talk about that occurred right after I turned 69.  So whatever the other 11 months may hold in my archives, that first month is full of stuff.

I was chased to CT and back to NC by Hurricane Irene in August (just after my 69th birthday).

My refrigerator was dead when I got home, because I only had a cat sitter, not a refrigerator sitter.

A really good friend (who had been very ill) died.

I volunteered to:
  •  organize a Care Team  training program for members of my church.
  •  teach a class about celebrating becoming "crones" whenever women might chose to.
  • help with a church service on the Vernal Equinox by the Women's Spirituality Group.
  • help with my friend's memorial.
An old friend and her husband were fired from managing their apartment complex, and were in jeopardy for their housing.  He suddenly disappeared and my friend and I emailed each other frantically for several days.

That was just the first 30 days of being Sixty Nine.

Early trip to FL for NCECA conference of pottery people, where I saw 2 of my sons, some grands, and lots of pottery.  (actually odyssey trip number one for that year)

Odessey to Florida number two in Nov. with Sarah, when I was officially 69.

I've got so much material to sift through, an outline of the adventures will be sketched out soon, including what might go together with what.

I don't think a chronological presentation will actually work, since my travels kind of go together...and they occurred throughout the years 2011-2012.

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