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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cleaned fish tank today

I've finally gotten out of my funk, where I hid in the computer and started writing a book. 

Yes, that's how my funk took me this time.  I never know what's going to happen.  It's like my creative juices have become toxic, or changed from being bright yellow into a terrible citron color...and maybe just a bit neon cast instead of sunshine.

Rain seems to affect me more and more.  Silly me.  I'm nice and dry, and have a beautiful umbrella in which to shelter while splashing hither and yon.  But maybe it has to do with old muscles and bones and lungs.  I have just about given up trying to figure out why some days I don't fell like making a single thing.

I am glorying in the sunshine today.  Cleaned the 30 gallon fish tank, where the Gourami and huge Angel fish are happier at least.  The little Barbs and sole surviving Blood Finned Tetra are still flitting around, but I admit don't have much personality!  (OK, I see I have to take pictures soon of the aquarium!!)

I just photographed some recent pots.  Did a re-shoot of one.  It's a sweet baby blue, and I tried using the new camera with a special setting which umphed up the blue (sorry, nothing on the Coolpix  L810 is an f-stop) but it was messing with the highlight color too. 

I first used what the crazy menu cites as a setting to take pictures of "food."  And I changed it so the color of the glaze looked the same as it did to my naked eye.  But the highlights which were white came out tinted blue too.  Oops.  So today I used just a regular close-up setting, and I think the white balance was for "incandescent" bulbs.  So many things change the colors...and that's what I want to be most true for pottery.

The blue pitcher will be posted on  my pottery blog .

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Vicki Lane said...

The rain made us very happy -- the pastures will green up again and we won;t have to start feeding hay just yet.

Best of luck with the writing project -- creativity has so many path of expression, doesn't it?